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Correctional Armed Operatives Prevent Attempted Escape


A security breach was averted at the Lagos State High Court TBS by the personal of the Nigerian Correctional Service Armed squad.

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Persons suspected to be associates of an inmate taken to Lagos High Court for hearing, staged an attack on the escort personnel with an attempt to forcefully release the inmate while at the premises of the Court.

However, the quick response and vigilance of the NCoS court escorts thwarted their effort.

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In a statement by CSC. OO Oladokun, Command’s Public Relations Officer,
Nigerian Correctional Service Lagos State said the Command security reinforcement was immediately deployed to the court premises to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

The statement also said all inmates have been successfully returned into secure custody of the Correctional Service.

The statement reads: during the ensuing melee one of the attackers’ was shot while trying to dispossess an armed personnel of his rifle.

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” The Controller of Corrections, Adewale Adebisi congratulated the gallant officers for resisting the attack and securing the inmate back to custody.

” He assures the public that the security integrity of all Custodial Centres is intact. He thanked other security agencies especially the Nigerian Police Force for their timely response to assist in restoring normalcy.” He stated


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