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Nigeria Gets Scientific Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Centre


A private healthcare company Harris Healthcare has set up a scientific rehabilitation centre to address the rampant cases of the unsolicited abuse of codeine substances across the country.

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The CEO of the company, Hadi Al Mustapha said the rehabilitation centre that parades first class rehab personel and equipments will be accessible to Nigerians of all calls.

He said “with increasing challenge of those who crossed from cure to addiction, we now have a designated first high caliber not for profit scientific rehabilitation centre in Jabi district in FCT Abuja.

In a chat with news men in Kano Al Mustapha said “Part of the frontline capacity of the rehabilitation facility is that patients, who complete the routine detoxification of their system will be scientifically endowed with the body immune means that will help them reject any codeine related substance from their body system.” Hadi explained.

He stressed that the rehabilitation centre project , which is design to run for a duration of five years will help to restore the bedeviled future generation under the yoke of the abuse codeine substances

Further , the healthcare firm in confronting the challenge has announce the launching of an innovative cough syrup that is rid of codeine substance into the Nigeria.

Hadi Al-Mustapha disclosed that the syrup, which is formulated in collaboration with technical solution partners drawn from with enviable history in medicine revealed that the syrup plant designated in Idu Industrial area in FCT Abuja.

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He explained that . “The cough syrup has been approved by NAFDAC and it will be sold with 50 percent subsidy., and our aim is to make it affordable to those who suffer from all varieties of cough ailments,

“The target behind the production is aimed at giving access to medication that cannot be abused under any guise , which most times in turn harm the productive capacity of the future generation .

Hadi further said, what we are offering today is one of those pattern of pharmaceutical solutions that were invested to address the problem in particularly for those who from consumption of medications for curative purposes became addicted to it, as is the case with codeine addiction in Nigeria.


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