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Former Lawyers to Abduljabbar threaten legal action over his allegations in court room


The former Counsel to Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara have given him 2 weeks ultimatum to lodge his complaint before the body saddled with the responsibility of receiving complaint over alleged professional misconduct level against them by the Islamic Scholar or face legal action.

Addressing Journalists, the Spokesman of the legal Team, Barrister Rabiu Shuaibu Abdullahi made the assertion on the ultimatum given to the scholar.

Alleged Blasphemy: Abduljabbar Lawyers Withdrew Their Services

Abduljabbar Kabara is standing trial on the allegations of making deragatory statement and blasphemy against Prophet Muhammmad Peace be Upon Him.

When the case resumed today, the former 5 defense counsel of Abduljabbar through Barrister Haruna Magashi withdrew their services.

Thereafter, Sheikh Abduljabbar in court room accused his lawyers of misleading him by directing him to remained mute when he was asked to state his plea on 4 count charges against him.

Abduljabbar also alleged that his former counsel collected N300, O00 to organized press conference to draw a public sympathy and he did not hear any news about that.

Blasphemy: Court Orders Abduljabbar be Taken to Dawanau Psychiatric Hospital

He also alleged that his lawyers had told him that the trial Judge is working for the Government and there was a sinister collaboration between some Government officials and a trial Judge to get him convicted by death sentence.

In the same vein, he accused his former lawyers of having a suspicious contact with his wife on reason he cannot decipher.

” They are calling my wife without my consent.”

Responding to the allegations against them at a press conference on Thursday, the Spokesman to the lawyers Barrister Rabiu Shuaibu Abdullahi said all the allegations were not true and unfounded.

He also said there is privilege communication between a counsel and his client.

” Let me tell you that  it is a violation of professional conduct if i answer to you all these allegations now”

“The allegations were professional misconduct by a lawyer from his client”

The rule of professional ethics of our profession doesn’t warrant me respond to any allegations done to us in public” Rabiu explained.

” We can only explained what really transpired between us when he lodge complaint”

He maintained that it is amount of violation of  ethics to speak to the public on the allegations by their client.

He directed Abduljabbar to lodge his complaint before desiganted body within two weeks or face legal action.

” Because we can only respond to the allegations when there is  formal complaint, that is what the law says”.


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