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EXCLUSIVE: Abduljabbar Prosecution: Attorney General Grants Fiat to Senior Advocate of Nigeria


The Kano State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Musa Abdullahi Lawan has granted a fiat to Muhammad Sani Katu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) to continue with further prosecuting of Abduljabbar Sheikh Nasiru Kabara who was alleged to have committed series of offences related to blasphemy and inciting contempt of Religion, contrary to Kano State Laws.

Acccording to the Authorization Instrument with the title: ‘Authorization Under Section 221(B) of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria’ dated 26th July, 2021 and signed by Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice Kano state Barrister Musa Abdullahi Lawan and sighted by Justice Watch News, the Attorney General said he granted the fiat to Muhammad Sani Katu to further prosecuting Abduljabbar on his behalf under section 221(B) of the Constitution of Nigeria.

” In the excercise of my power under this fiat, you are to be guided by the following covenants and conditions:

No further delegation of my power under this fiat would be allowed. The case Instituted and taken over by powers donated under this fiat shall not be discontinued without pre-informing Honourable Attorney General in writing and his express approval obtained in writing. A report progress report shall be submitted to the honourable Attorney General until final conclusion, wherein the final report shall be lodge to the Attorney General.”

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Justice Watch News was ealier reported that the Upper Shari’ah Court Kano state presided by Mallam Ibrahim Sarki Yola has granted a leave to prosecution to prepare charge sheet against Kabara who is standing trial before the court on the allegations of deragatory statements against Prophet Muhammmad (Peace be upon Him) His Households and Companions.

Justice Watch News earlier reports that sheikh Kabara pleaded not guilty to the offence against him.

The trial Judge, Mallam Sarki Yola adjourned the case to 18th August, 2021 for rearraignment and ordered the defendant to be remanded in Correctional Centre.

A source from the Kano State Ministry of Justice, reliable told Justice Watch News that so many Senior Advocates of Nigeria, (SAN,s) across the country, indicated their interest by writing to the Attorney General kano and requested for a fiat continue with the prosecution of Abduljabbar.

” This is to tell you the gravity of his offence” the source said.

Deragatory statements against Prophet Muhammmad Peace be upon Him is punishment with death under kano state Sharia penal code law 2000.


The Kano State High court presided over by Chief Judge, Justice Nuraddeen Sagir has fixed 5th August, 2021 to deliver a ruling on the prayer by Abduljabbar Kabara through his counsel Sale Muhammad Bakaro who approached the court through an ex-parte prayer asking it to set aside the proceedings, verdict and recommendations of Professor Salisu Shehu a chairman of the debate or academic exercise between Abduljabbar Kabara and scholars of Kano.

Justice Watch News recalls that after the debate that was conducted on the 10th July 2021 at Kano State Shari,a Commission.

The Chairman and empire of the proceeding, Professor Salisu Shehu upheld that Abduljabbar has failed to answer all the questions raised by Scholars during the debate, acccording to him Abduljabbar instead of him to answer questions raised to him, he kept on dodging,
claiming there was no sufficient time for him to answer the questions he was requested to answer.

Addressing the court, the counsel Bakaro argued that the Defendant was not accorded fair hearing during the debate.

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Similarly, in another case the counsel prayed the court to set aside, earlier order of chief Magistrate Muhammmad Jibril which lead Kano state government to shutdown Abduljabbar mosque and other places of his worship at filing mushe, Gwale LGA Kano.

Justice Watch News, recalled that the Chief Judge adjourned the case to 19th August, 2021 for ruling.

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United Forum of Sheikh Nasir Kabara’s Descendants have written a letter of complain to President Muhammadu Buhari urging him to entervene in the alleged persecution of Sheikh Abduljabbar Sheikh Muhammad Nasir Kabara.

” We use this medium to forward our complain before you, to come into this matter concerning our blood brother Sheikh Abduljabbar Sheikh Nasir Kabara, who is being unjustifiably persecuted by some clerics in Kano who harbour personal and unfounded grudges against our brother, to achieve personal interests and ambition.”

In the letter which was signed by Sheikh Sidi Musal Qasiyuni Sheikh Nasir Kabara on behalf of 18 Children of Sheikh Muhammmad Nasir Kabara alleged that unjustifiable interest and ambition of some personalities manipulated recorded preachings.

” Unjustifiably manipulated our brother’s recorded preachings and falsely accuse him of blasphemous statements against the personality of Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammmad (SAWA) with the aim of blackmailing and destroying him completely.

” Your Excellency Sir, we assure you that all the allegations by the Islamic clerics of Kano are fabrications and deliberate misinterpretations against our brother Sheikh Abduljabbar.

” Actually what they are trying to link with our brother are the issues he had been fighting against for decades.

The Group, further assured that begotten children of Sheikh Nasir Kabara based on the teachings they recieved from their late father was to love, respect and follow the tradition of the Holy Prophet Muhammmad Peace be upon Him.

” Whoever knows our brother Sheikh Abduljabbar, knows him in the fore front of defending the image and personality of Holy Prophet.

In the letter, the group urged President Buhari to come into the issue by halting planned to the alleged persecution of Abduljabbar.

Justice Watch News learnt that 18 Children of the Late Sheikh Nasir Kabara who signed the letter include:

Abduljabbar: Court Grants Leave to Prosecution to Prepare Charges

1.Sheikh Ibrahim Mu’azzam Sheikh Nasir Kabara,
2. Sheikh Sidi Musal Qasiyuni Sheikh Nasir Kabara
3. Malam Askiya Sheikh Nasir Kabara
4. Malam Yahya Sheikh Nasir Kabara
5. Malam Aburumana Sheikh Nasir Kabara
6. Sayyidah Saratu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
7. Sayyidah Nafisatu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
8. Sayyidah Khudriyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara
9. Sayyidah Zam’atu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
10. Sayyidah Saffanatu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
11. Sayyidah Aishatu Mannubiyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara
12. Sayyidah Ummu Aimanal Habashiyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara (I)
13. Sayyidah Khadijatul Habashiyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara(II)
14. Sayyidah Huza’iyyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara
15. Sayyidah Jamila Sheikh Nasir Kabara
16. Sayyidah Bulkisu Sheikh Nasir Kabara
17. Sayyidah Rukayyah Sheikh Nasir Kabara
18. Sayyidah Hansa’u Sheikh Nasir Kabara

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