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Muhuyi Magaji’s Medical Report And The Doubting Thomases


By Auwal Abdulqadir

When the powers that be and attention seekers want to make the general public submissive on some certain issues in the polity, they bring about trivialities that will make the people forget about their atrocities and the blunders they committed to administering public office.

Public servants are supposed to be accountable to the people, not an individual, but it seems public servants including the elected representatives of the people are now absconding their main responsibilities and have shifted their argument to individuals’ personal and private issues

Here I am referring to my boss’s current face-off with the Kano state House of assembly on lack of fair hearing when they slammed a suspension on him as the ever able chairman of the Kano state Anti-corruption commission.

A friend just raised an issue with discerning minds of what power Kano state House of Assembly has in suspending a public officer.

Now the issue of suspension has almost gone thin air, the blame on Muhuyi Magaji’s non-appearance at the state’s House of assembly’s committee investigating his stewardship as the helmsman of the Kano state public complain and Anti-corruption commission has now shifted to a medical report being circulated that Muhuyi has concocted a medical report that it’s doubtful and cannot pass the test of time.

As his personal person and someone who is always with the chairman throughout his daily engagements,I busted into laughter and later realized that detractors can go anywhere to cast aspersion on any individual they set to bring down.

A number of mortals including public officers are in one way or the other suffer some ailments, but disclosing those ailments to the general public remains the sacrosanct right of the patient, there are world leaders that have suffered from one ailment or the other, no one is yet to uncover what they are suffering from, their health issues have been kept away from the public glare.

No one will question or mandate them to disclose the kind of ailments, even where they went for medical attention have made the health issue a top-secret

But why my boss’s health issue will be a subject of public ridicule and innuendos when the legislature and the government have critical issues of state and national importance to attend to.

But every sane individual knows that the most difficult creature on earth is the human race, they are never pleased since Muhuyi Magaji’s issue has now been shifted from suspension to the level at which public scrutiny on his ill health is becoming a matter of discussion and innuendos, I want tell the doubting Thomases that we are ready for it.

As I said earlier, releasing a medical report is at the prerogative of individuals, but the penultimate week I and my boss just started glancing at some laboratory tests being pasted on the walls of some public buildings and social media depicting them as Barrister Muhuyi Magaji’s medical laboratory tests.

The anti-corruption Czar is no doubt suffering from one ailment or the other and it’s his discretion to release it to the general public or otherwise, but before we go further on this very simple and delicate issue that has diverted the legislature from doing its main legislative duties, let those in doubt spend their hard-earned resources and time to travel to Abuja, go extra miles make more inquiries and check for the real laboratories where Barrister Muhuyi Magaji was diagnosed and the results of his test were handed over to him.

As his personal person, I was one day meditating alone on how Muhuyi’s glowing popularity will fetch him enemies that will try and see that the fight against corruption in Kano did not see the light of the day as done by my boss Barrister Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado.

Humans forget easily when Barrister Muhyi Magaji was at the office. he was on medical check-up in and around Nigeria, but then no one cares whether his medical report was doctored or genuine as presently alleged in some quarters.

Now I pose a challenge to those going after the member of the world Anti-corruption body to go and check the real facts on the ground from the reputable laboratories and veteran medical Doctors at the federal capital territory in Abuja, dig out for the real tests conducted on Barrister Muhuyi Magaji and tell their sponsors the real happenings.

As a lawyer and my boss a lawyer are conversant with the operation of the law, I laugh when some people took denting the image of Barrister Muhuyi as a way of getting their bread and butter.

There is a saying that silence is the best answer to a fool, but not every fool should be kept in the dark because the fool will continue to pull the crowd of other fools

As of now, Barrister Muhuyi Magaji has to undergo some medical tests and checkups as shown by his real medical report, not the one concocted by his detractors.

Auwal Abdulkadir is the personal assistant to Barrister Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado


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