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Muhuyi Magaji Can Sue Kano Assembly for Divulging His Medical Record


Kano State House of Assembly could be sued for divulging personal and confidential health information of the suspended chairman of the state Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC), Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado.

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Muhuyi’s medical test request forms and result flooded the social media after his lawyer submitted them to Kano State House of Assembly alongside a letter requesting for extension of time for him to appear before the state legislature on Wednesday.

Muhuyi’s counsel wrote to the House asking for some documents he said his clients needed to prepare him to face the ad hoc committee instituted to investigate him.

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He said his client was attending to medical issues in Abuja when the letter of invitation from the House of Assembly was dumped at his home, and enclosed what he called the medical records of the suspended chairman.

Issues have been raised over the authenticity of the attached medical records after the laboratory test request form and the results appeared on the social media.

Some of the issues raised were that the laboratory form has no hospital number just as it does not have pathology (laboratory) number.

Another issues was that both the lab test request and result were dated same day (12/07/2021), making it appear odd that a stool culture that should ordinarily take between 48 and 72 hours to yield result, was obtained was obtained under 24 hours.

It was also observed that both test request and laboratory test result have similar handwriting.

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Nigerian Sketch spoke to a professor of medicine who declined to be named at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital in Kano who expressed utmost shock that the House of Assembly “would even let out such a highly confidential document in the first place. It is not done. It is an infraction, a breach of confidentiality and I must add that it is irresponsible. In the medical field, we consider it as a monumental breach of ethics.”

He said “even if the person involved did submitted the forms to the House, which he needn’t even submit to claim or proof that he had medical issues, the House cannot divulge it to any third party without the owner’s consent.

“An important issue in privacy analysis is whether the individual has authorized particular uses of his or her personal information.

“If I were him, I will institute a legal action against the House.”

The professor insisted that some of the issues raised cannot in themselves invalidate a test result.

“Not at all. A hospital number is not a must, but a laboratory number is. Yet, even the absence of a lab number does not invalidate a result so long as a physician has attested to it. The lab number involves the lab while the signature involves a physician.”

He said, “Let me be explicit here. Even if they habour the suspicion that the test result he tendered was not genuine, they can only return it to him and demand for him to bring an authentication letter from the hospital concerned. This is such a serious issue that we do not joke with in our profession.”

Regarding the stool culture test, Nigerian Sketch’s findings from the serology and parasitology sheet showed that the request was made on 10/7/2021 and the result was given on 12/07/ 2021.

The professor however said even if the form did not read what it read, “the House has no business with the request form so long as the result is out.”

He said the most embarrassing query was the handwriting, adding that “it is so inconsequential.”


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