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Adoke, Ex Minister of Justice Petitions Italian Govt. Over Misconduct, Forgery


The former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Muhammad Bello Adoke (SAN) has petitioned Italian Minister of Justice over alleged act of forgery and professional misconduct against Italian Public Prosecutors, Pabio De Pasquel and Sergio Spaders in the criminal prosecution of ENI/Shell .

In a petition by Bello Adoke, through his Counsel, Femi Oboro of Gromyko Amedu Solicitors Tagged ‘Re: Mohammad Bello Adoke, SAN, ‘Complaint of Acts of Forgery and Professional Misconduct Against Fabio De Pasquale and Sergio Spadaro, Public Prosecutors Before the Court of Milan ‘ which was sighted by Justice Watch News, reliable learnt that the petition was predicated on allegations ranging from corruption, money laundering, unlawful act of intimidation threat to life, forgery of documents/evidence intended for unlawful interference with administration and perversion of the course of justice against the Public Prosecutors.

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Similarly, in the petition, the counsel alleged that The Public Prosecutors acted maliciously to the detriment
of his client (Adoke) despite the fact that he was not a direct party to the criminal prosecution and has not been on trial before the Milanese Court.
Mohammed Adoke alleged that the Public Prosecutors have issued unlawful Threat During Interview.

” Sometimes in May 2016, our client met the Italian and Dutch Investigators at the Hague, Netherlands, in respect of OPL 245 Settlement Agreement of 2011. On the scheduled date, our client was interviewed by Dutch/Italian Investigators in the absence of Fabio De Pasquale, however, on the second day, the nature and character of interview changed with the presence of Fabio De Pasquale was engaged in an unlawful deceptive conduct to wit: commit out client to be interview without a prior knowledge that he was a suspect, and that was and that his statement was intended for his criminal prosecution by the Italian Prosector. This deception on the part of Fabio compelled by our client to immediate the interview on the advice of his Dutch Attorney in

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In the statement, the Nigeria’s former Attorney General alleged that the public prosecutor had a significant role in the emergence of an email of 25th June, 2011, which was subsequently made public after it was admitted by unethical

Anti Corruption Group May Sue Adoke, Asks NBA to Sanction Legal Team

” It should be noted that the unethicalal conduct of the prosecutors were not isolated acts, but a careful orchestrated plan by the Public Prosecutors acting in concert with other interested parties to negatively influence the court to make adverse findings against our client with a view to influencing the on-going criminal trial in Nigeria”

” Our client has therefore instructed us to lodge a formal complaint against the Public Prosecutors ( Fabio De Pasquale and Sergio Spadaro) for their unethical conduct.

In the petition, Muhammad Adoke through his counsel maintained that he is not standing trial before Milanase Court calling on the Italian ministry of Justice to investigate as well as take proper action against Public Prosecutors, Fabio and Spadaro.

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