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Re: What’s The Truth Of The Matter.


Mr Oladipo Ayodeju, it seems that you’re recent
reaction indicated that you’re gradually running out of defensive ideas to protect the embattled Kano anti-graft agency head, Barrister Rimin Gado.

Job Scam: Court Sentences Kano Civil Servant to 1 Year in Correctional Center.

Going by the simple logic, you can’t withstand the pressure of searching for convincing answers to my questions forwarded to Rimin Gado. I think the earlier the better for you to sheath your swords, leave the battlefield and hit the ground running since you’re not fortified with the armour to shield you from the speeding arrows of justifications.

And I would like to make you know that childishness is far worth than acclaimed matured mind, who has a narrow outlook on physical truth like yours.

What Is The Truth of The Matter???

It is seemingly you have two eyes, but blind in your psyche of unable to be fair and judgemental in your disposition.

A man claiming to be knowledgeable like you, but hell-bent on sarcasm, instead of responding to the questions directly of what’s been asked, but resorted to playing gallery.

However, when it comes to the placement of integrity and hardworking in the line of duty, to be truthful, Barrister Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado has done what he ought to in his capacity, no one will deny that. Yet, he’s not an angel, spotlessly clean, devoid from committing blemishes in the course of handling the government mandate saddled upon him.

Job Scam: Court Sentences Kano Civil Servant to 1 Year in Correctional Center.

If in the past, Barrister Mahuyi Magaji Rimin Magaji Rimin Gado has returned the government vehicles based on the ground that the law doesn’t allow him to accept it, why this time around he shouldn’t resign since he knows the law does not allow a person of such capacity like his to hold such appointment? Mr Oladifo Ayedoju, I do hope the person of the abundance of intellectual capabilities like you who carved out issues on logic and rationality should endure the content of this piece as painful as it might be.

You should forgive if it hurts, this was due to the childish antics of mine striving to grow as you advised.

Thanks indeed.

Aminu Abba Kwaru is Kano Patriotic Citizen and can be reach through: aminukwaru@gmail.com



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