Home NEWS Hot weather: Expert calls for regular water intake to prevent kidney problem

Hot weather: Expert calls for regular water intake to prevent kidney problem


A medical expert in Kano State, Dr. Tanko Zakari has advised  public to inculcate the habit of regular water intake during the hot weather to avoid the risk of kidney disease.

Zakari, the Medical Director, Dr Zak’s Clinic in Kano made the recommendation during a press conference in Kano.

He described drinking a lot of water as a major precaution against kidney disease and further improving the health of the human body.

“According to the human health plan, one should drink at least six cups of water a day, but now that it is very hot, one should drink more than six cups of water.

“Because, the body has enough water to protect one from kidney and other chronic diseases.” He said.

The medical expert warned the public to avoid drinking cold water at breakfast because it is harmful and effects on health, causing vomiting, diarrhea, Influenza and weakens the function of the genes in humans.

He further emphasised the need for people to drink warm water or tea or something warm immediately while breaking fasting because they are the basic necessities.

“I urge people to avoid drinking very cold water, because if a fasting person breaks his fast with cold water it will be very harmful to his stomach as the water in it will reduce the length of a person’s intestines and reduce their width where it is more likely result to a “Severe abdominal pain that can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and diarrhea is not a flu-like illness,” said Dr Tanko Zakari.Circulating of Fake and Counterfeit Drugs Affect Healthcare Delivery – Pharm. Gali Sule.

Dr Zakari again advised the people to take good care of their diet, especially the vegetables that the fasting person needs and to eat fatty foods, especially during this hot season to avoid the risk of diseases in summer.

Commenting on the pros and cons of exercise during fasting, the medical expert said,”It is not wrong for a person who is fasting to exercise briefly after prayers.

“But we should not exercise as we do when we are not fasting, due to physical injuries,” said Dr Zakari.

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