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Sexual Abuse a Crime Against Humanity.


It is now close to 8 years since Nigeria’s Sexual Offence Bill 2013 highlighted Sexual Violence Related Crimes and the prescribed punishments to sanitize our society.

Fundamentally speaking, the proportion at which rape and other sexual violence offence occurred in our society is alarming, it is right to say that the Implementation as well as enforcement of the Bill have not been so much effective. While in other Countries citizens were agitating for the establishment of Rape Convict Register to further expose the perpetrators for their heinous act, It is quiet worrisome and rather unfortunate that rapists in our country continues to dine, shine and being liberated by reasonable members of society which is very very sad and unbecoming.

As a matters of fact, sexual abuse especially against children under the age of 5 is increasing on alarming rate. Rape contradicts the teaching of our holy scriptures.

The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority, or against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, or person who has an intellectual disability, or who is below the legal age of consent, By attaining 18 Years old, or committed against he/her wishes

Most of the Sexual Violence Victims, undergo series of trauma and developed post-traumatic stress disorder, serious injuries along with the risk of pregnancy and
sexually transmitted infections.

Nigeria’s sexual violence has
become an increasingly prevalent
action over the years, despite the existing laws of federation and that of states we have.

Sincerely speaking, failure to effectively enforced and fully implemented the existing laws in fighting the scourge of rape in our society as a serious crime, made perpetrators of the shameless act to escaped justice.

It could be recalled that since the beginning of first wave of feminism movement in Nigeria,
the issue of rape cases has been
underscored as a serious issue,
particularly in the second wave
of feminism, despite the fact that adquate measures are not put in place to curtail the challenges of the criminal & barbaric action in our society.

Therefore, it is imperative for Government, Religious Leaders, Members of Civil Society Organizations and all other key relevant stakeholders to understand that fighting the menace of rape requires collective responsibilities.

I’m calling on all Nigerians to put their hands on deck with the intention of waging war against sexual abuse, these can be achieved through mass rally and continuous awareness campaign on Broadcast Medium and social media platforms.

We strongly condemn the act of rape and similarly, we are saying enough is enough, rape is a crime to humanity.

More importantly, Nigerians need to be educated to get away with stigma whenever rape occur.

Unfortunately, to say least sexual violence is highly stigmatised in Nigeria, which has led several victims to remain hush as best option
due to abysmal nature of our system that continues to decay.

Parents, Law enforcement agencies and all other critical stakeholders need to redouble their efforts untill the menace is defeated hands down for the Rapists are human beings with hyeana skin. I strongly believed that rape is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Basheer Basheer Galadanchi is Public Affairs Commentator.


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