Home NEWS Those calling for my arrest are riff-raffs — Sheikh Gumi

Those calling for my arrest are riff-raffs — Sheikh Gumi


Renowned Islamic cleric, Sheikh Abubakar Ahmad Gumi has said that he cannot be arrested or prosecuted for interacting with bandits in the north, claiming those calling for his arrest are clowns.

Recall that there have been growing calls for the Muhammadu Buhari-led government to arrest and prosecute Sheikh Gumi.

A group known as the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) stated that Gumi’s interaction with bandits was a treasonable offence that should be decisively dealt with.

But speaking in a chat with Daily Post, Gumi stated that Kaduna and Zamfara states have also negotiated with bandits in the past and no one was arrested.

The popular cleric also disclosed that his interactions with bandits were done in the presence of government officials.

Asked to respond to those calling for his arrest, Gumi said: “Those are clowns, even the Kaduna State governor dialogued with them, Zamfara governor dialogued with them.

“I’m not the first person that started dialoguing with them (bandits). I only added value, and I find them to be religious; religion is the only thing that teaches you that blood has sanctity. So this is the religious angle.

“I’m trying to gather them and teach them that there is sanctity to life. They cannot kill, rape and so on. This is the addition I hope will work. Note, I never visited these bandits without a government official, but they are in the background.

“All the bandits we met were with government officials, and that is why I said those calling for my arrest are clowns”


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