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13 Unauthorized Oil Refining Sites, 7 Boats Destroyed in Rivers, Bayelsa, Imo States through Aerial Strikes

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Rightly speaking, from 18 to 22 of this month, the Air Component of Operation Delta Safe has decimated 13 illegal refining sites and 7 Cotonou boats and dispersed 5 x J-5 buses aimed at diverting crude oil from surface tanks.

Some of the aforementioned plces were discovered near Imo River with 7 overhead tanks, which were subsequently destroyed while several suspected bunkerer fled.

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Air strikes were also carried out at Wilcourt in Rivers State during the period after another after site was unveiled and canoe filled with illegally refined likewise some gun boats, were also uncovered

Similarly, following Intelligence report on some illegal refining sites located about 6km from Tunu in Bayelsa State, the aircrew proceeded to the location to identify and destroy the site, delightfully,the task was performed with utmost precision.

Another significant strike undertaken by the air component was observed during the period under review with the support of 5 x J5 buses, probably reconfigured into mini tankers, at the bank of Imo River also trying to siphon illegally refined products.
Amazed by the change of tactics of the economic saboteurs, the crew did not waste time in decimating the illegal sites feeding the buses.
The J5 vehicles were later seen dispersed with some taking cover under trees to avoid detection.

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It is worthy to note that Air strikes against economic saboteurs and oil thieves have continued to record the much expected outcomes in view of improved intelligence,coupled with enhanced air to ground coordination, and most importantly, NAF’s boosted agility and resilience.

Thus, according to the outfit’s operations, will be sustained until the activities of the unpatriots were extremely reduced to the barest minimum.


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