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10th Senate Presidency: Vice President Remarks Inline With The Dictate of Inclusive Governance – Buhari Ally

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By Muhammad Ya’u

The recent controversial remarks accredited to the Vice President that, “under the current dispensation, the worst and most incompetent Southern Christian is better than the most puritanical Northern Muslim for the Senate Presidency”, was a mischievous attributes to create bad names for the Nation Number 2th Person.

This position was submitted by a Former President Muhammadu Buhari strong ally, AbdulMajid Danbilki Kwamanda, insisting that the Vice President Kashim Shettima statement, only means that Nigeria is owned by both Muslims and Christian, including those who don’t believes in any religion and as such it is only fear if all are given chance of been part of the Current Government.

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Danbilki Kwamanda who is an APC Chieftain and also Chairman of the Arewa Media Group, said in a Statement he signed and issued in Kano, Tuesday, the Vice President was explaining that it will only be a principle of fair play if after having a President and him as Muslims than to have the supposedly number 3th Person the Senate President as Christian and from the South.

However, Kwamanda expressed his disgusting position on those more specifically, the NNPP Presidential Candidate Kwankwaso, Kwankwasiyya die-hards who are spreading the distorted Vice President remarks to caused problems for him more especially among Muslims North.

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The Chairman Arewa Media Group, reminded that Kashim Shettima was a two terms Governor of the Metropolitan Borno State where there is a large number of Indigent Christians and there was never a time he did or talk bad against them because he ensured that their rights were fully depended.

“Those who are spreading the distorted Vice President remarks do only reads headlines of the news but because they are up for mischieves they are turning everything given it different narrations”.

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He added, “I agreed and aligned myself with the Vice President remarks that it will be fair if a Southerner becomes the 10th Senate President because you cannot have President Muslims his Vice President Muslim, Speaker of the National Assembly Muslim and you now have Senate President also Muslim, this will only confirmed the allegations of Islamization of the Country”. He explained.



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